Visit Toni and Lance’s Denver Music Association website at: http://www.dmamusic.org/taikowithtoni/

(this is just the about info from the dma site – pasted it in just to show how the page will look.) The festival sound of Japan– from traditional songs to contemporary compositions; folktales to cultural facts; lullabies to American traditional jazz and swing; folksongs to classical music pieces – her “Matsuri” performance entertains and educates. In traditional costume, using taiko drums, various hand percussion, bamboo flutes and the koto (Japanese harp), Toni and her troupe delight audiences all over Denver and Colorado.

Toni’s troupe performs concert and festival stages, school assemblies, dinner parties, conferences and conventions, lecture demonstrations (“lec-dems”) and workshops. 

Toni Yagami shares her Japanese – American heritage as well as her knowledge of Japan’s culture and music.