Hi Everyone, 

Plans are starting to shape up for an EC trip!  If you would like to join in the festivities with some former KasaMixers and friends, we would love to have you join us!!  There are a few changes from the original schedule and some new information.  The following info is subject to change….but I will try to keep you updated as it does!!!

The official trip starts from Niigata; ends in Narita – pls check out flights from US thru Seoul, Korea on to Niigata (arriving Aug 22 Niigata) –or fly to Narita, then fly to Niigata (arriving Aug 22 Niigata)

–either way, book your incoming flight to end at Niigata — AND book your return flight from Narita

 Aug 22 Thurs:  overnight in Niigata

Aug 23 Fri:  ferry to Ryotsu on Sado Island, EC day 1 concert, lodging

August 24, Sat. —- Day 2 : Earth Celebration day 2 — concert
August 25, Sun. — Day 3 : Earth Celebration day 3 — concert
August 26, Mon. — Day 4 : AM – Okuridaiko 
                          PM – Volunteer work for cleaning Earth Celebration or Free day
August 27, Tue. —- Day 5 : Workshop — Kodo Member + local Onidaiko?
August 28, Wed. — Day 6 : Plan B depart from Sado / Sado Island Tour
August 29, Thu. —- Day 7 : Ogi Matsuri day 1 night parade 
August 30, Fri. —— Day 8:  Ogi Matsuri day 2 hanabi/fireworks
August 31, Sat. —– Day 9: Depart from Sado — > Narita
September 1, Sun. — Day 10: Depart from Narita

 Day 1 thru Day 3:   you are responsible for your own meals

Lodging near Sobama Beach.  Communal style sleeping, bathroom, shower

transportation from lodging into Ogi via City Bus (small fee you are responsible for fee)

   the bus is special for EC, but does not run all the time; will probably be best if you catch and early

   bus into Ogi and stay all day thru evening concerts.  Makes a long day, but there will be so many

   workshops and vendors at the Marketplace, that spending the day goes by too quickly


Day 4 thru Day 9:

Meals will be covered from Day 4 through 9th’s lunch. 

Lodging is being worked out, but hopefully at Hana no Ki Inn

transportation and meals also being worked on….(breakfast probably at Hana no Ki, but Lunch and dinner to be determined)


Plan A  (Day 0 thru Day 10) =  $1,850 per person starting at Niigata

Plan B (Day 0 thru Day 5) =  $1,100 per person starting at Niigata, thru workshop (you will have to make your own arrangements – ferry, hotel, etc – after the workshop on Aug. 27)  


During EC days, the fee covers lodging and concert tickets for EC, and the special workshop on day 5.  If you want to participate in any of the additional EC workshops, you will have to sign up and pay separately for those.  There are so many choices, that it would be very difficult for us to try and organize that.  Some participants may only want 1 or no workshops, others may want as many as they can find the time for (!), so it has worked out previously for us to let everyone do their own sign-up for those.


Verbal/email committment for trip – April 1, 2013

First $300 non-refundable deposit – May 15, 2013

Second deposit, half of remaining fee – June 15, 2013

Final payment – July 15, 2013

 Please email me at taikotoni@yahoo.com if you are interested or know of others who might be interested and I will contact you with additional information!